Baker Creates Stunning Cakes That are Straight Out of a Cartoon (WATCH)

Baker Creates Stunning Cakes That are Straight Out of a Cartoon (WATCH)

Baker Amy Bicknell cuts into her cake – Amy’s Little Cakery / SWNS

A part-time baker creates epic 2-D cakes that look like drawings straight out of a cartoon.

Amy Bicknell was inspired to create her own cartoon cake after spotting a picture of one online.

Her first attempt at the cake proved challenging as she doesn’t normally work with fondant icing, made of granulated sugar and water. (She preferred using a cream-based ganache instead.) But her animated-style slice cake soon became incredibly popular.

The 44-year-old has now been inundated with requests from around the world for special occasions like birthdays and even wedding cakes.

A video shows her entire process, from covering the sponge cake in icing and perfectly smoothing it out, to lining the edges with thin black fondant to create the animated effect. Many people don’t even believe they are cakes until she cuts into them.

Amy, from Greater Manchester in England, started Amy’s Little Cakery in April 2020 for fun during lockdown—and, as a full-time teacher, she had no intention of it becoming a business.

Amy’s Little Cakery – Instagram

“I created a page for my cakes. I quickly grew a following and it just spiraled from there.

“I never expected my account to grow so quickly, but I’ve been very lucky to work as a brand ambassador with several amazing companies.

“I love what I do and find it to be a creative release from a very stressful job.”

Amy’s Little Cakery uses the social media account on Instagram to share her creations, where she has amassed over 120,000 followers.

Amy hopes that her projects inspire other bakers to have a go at this trendy cake decoration.

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Amy’s Little Cakery – SWNS

“It really makes people look twice, as they look just like a drawing!

“I love an illusion that you can make out of cake and I hope they can make people smile.

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